Frequently Asked Questions

Is esthechoc safe for people with food allergies?

esthechoc is gluten free, non-GMO, chemical and lead free, dairy free, suitable for vegans, and safe for diabetics!

However, esthechoc is manufactured in a facility that also handles milk and nut products, therefore small traces of milk and nuts may be present.

How should I store my product?

esthechoc should be stored in a cool, dry place under 65 degrees. While it is still safe to eat, esthechoc is high quality chocolate and will lose the benefits should it melt or get too warm.

Is esthechoc tested on animals?

No, esthechoc is not tested on animals. All of our clinical trials were performed on adults.

Is esthechoc sold in stores?

Yes, we have partnered with select high-end retailers and spas across the country. Please visit our store locater page to find the nearest one to you

Can I use esthechoc for baking?

No, esthechoc is not a baking chocolate. While it is still safe to eat should it melt or get too warm, it will lose all of the clinically proven benefits.

What’s the serving size?

One piece of esthechoc every day for maximum results. esthechoc builds on itself as you continue to take it. The longer you eat it, the more results people have seen.

(We cannot guarantee any results as everybody is different).