Beauty from the Inside Out

esthechoc and Dr. Jennifer Berman: A Beautiful Match

We’re proud to partner with Dr. Jennifer Berman, internationally known physician, sexual health expert and co-host of TV’s syndicated hit show “The Doctors.” The founder of The Berman Women's Wellness Center in Beverly Hills, Calif., Dr. Berman is one of only a few female urologists in the United States and is considered America’s leading expert on women’s sexual health issues. Dr. Berman has dedicated her career to improving people’s lives through better sexual health – by helping them to understand how their bodies work and the practices everyone can use to make their bodies feel, look and function at their best. Dr. Berman endorses esthechoc as an effective (and delicious) way to reduce the effects of aging on skin, increase confidence and improve circulation – both for general health and even sexual performance.

In addition to her work on “The Doctors,” Dr. Berman has provided helpful information to viewers of “Good Morning America,” “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” “The Today Show,” “Conan,” CNN, CNBC, and HLN (formerly CNN Headline News). She sat down with Cambridge Chocolate Technologies’ CEO Rob Insinger to discuss a wide variety of issues surrounding esthechoc.

In our first interview installment, Dr. Berman describes how she works with her patients to help them not just feel good, but also to look their best – which she says is critical for overall health. “Patients ask me, ‘What else should I be taking? What else do you recommend for my health and wellness,’” Dr. Berman said. “And the thing that I tell my patients about esthechoc is that in addition to the health benefits, it creates beauty from the inside out.”