Beauty from the inside

  • Revolutionary skincare product, in a decadent dark chocolate
  • Concentrated nutrients heal skin on a cellular level in as few as 21 days
  • If you haven’t experienced positive skin changes in 3 months, get your money back

A prescription for beautiful skin

When it comes to skincare, we truly are what we eat. One of the most decadent 38-calorie esthechoc contains the same amount of age-defying polyphenols and astaxatnthin (the most powerful antioxidant known to science) found in a full serving of Alaskan wild salmon and a 400 calorie dark chocolate bar.

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Hear why Dr. Jennifer Berman of The Doctors believes esthechoc is one of the most amazing advancements in skin care


Chocolate that gives you younger, healthier skin in as little as 3 weeks? It’s not too good to be true. It's science backed by clinical proof.

Antioxidants – Smooth skin’s best friend

As you get older, your skin ages and its metabolism slows down due to a process called oxidative stress. Antioxidants, found in foods like fruits, dark chocolate and seafood, help protect your body from oxidative stress to keep your skin glowing and smooth.

Beauty from within

Unlike traditional facial creams and scrubs, which only effect the top level of the skin, esthechoc feeds powerful antioxidants and nutrients to your skin at a cellular level, helping it function as if it were 20 years younger.

Developed and proven by Cambridge scientists

Biomarkers like microcirculation, blood oxygen levels and UV damage are used to inform us about the condition of the skin. After 10 years of research, esthechoc has been clinically proven to significantly improve these biomarkers in as few as three weeks.